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About Us

Auto Glass Masters of Orange County prides itself on providing EXPERT auto glass replacements. Our experience of over 20 years has allowed us to become a leader in the field.  We do NOT cut corners and we DON'T over charge. Our goal is simple...we provide the correct OEM replacement for your vehicle, take the proper steps required to ensure that your auto glass replacement is done correctly.  This ensures your safety. Time and again, people think that saving a few dollars they will get the same professional, expert results. That is just not the case. View this video to see what can go wrong with such savings. The video can be viewed here

Like other professions, unless it is done by a professional, you are taking serious risks, think of how much time you spend in your vehicle...we can never predict when we wish we would have done things right the first time.  It is a simple fact, we want you to tell everyone you know about us, if this was not our goal, we would not be in business.

We are a small shop that provides expert results. We stand behind our work and provide you with a lifetime warranty against anything in regards to quality of replacement glass and workmanship to ensure that you are protected and safe. Our goal remains simple, ensure that those we provide service to are provided with the best possible outcome with correct OEM replacement glass and professional installation.  We take pride in know that when we are complete, we have given you the safety you serve with the appropriate OEM glass and professional installation.  Often if it sounds too good to be true it usually is, we know that those offering to provide the lowest price are generally cutting corners somewhere, this is not an overly expensive process to completely replace your windshield so when it comes to saving $20 - $40 dollars this is where the corners are cut.  Not using the proper OEM glass, proper seals and proper installation process can lead to many other problems later.

Windshield Replacement Chip's & Crack's Stone's & Rock's

There is NO replacement for using the proper, rated, and proper OEM replacement auto glass!  Then, even installation is a risk with a inferior provider, this in most cases is where the problems with noise, leaking and the like will occur!  We stand behind everything we do!


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